“In the bubbly tune, the familial trio turn their eye to unrequited love, searching out a solution to their relationship problems. Sings TEEN, ‘Can you heal my sickness?/ my repetition is the plague/ I only want, and you don’t want me/ I use muses of the day.’”

-Consequence of Sound

“Helmed with collaborator Miles Francis, it boasts the harmonies and clever sense of fun fans have come to expect from TEEN.”

-The 405

good fruit singles

“a prime example of the band loading bright, turn-of-the-‘90s synthpop into a taffy stretcher and kneading it to accommodate a bevy of flavours with syncopated rhythms, frenetic bursts of vocal harmony, and a deep crawling bassline.”

- Line of Best Fit

"…the Lieberson sisters reflect the dejection of realizing you can no longer fake love in the slow, somber notes of piano, even as their harmonies remain as bright as ever."

- Consequence of Sound

“The band…brings their mix of rock and synth-pop to a new level with dizzying, propulsive production and commanding vocals that bob and weave through the song's bold and biting commentary.”

- Billboard

“As mournful as the lyrics are musically, ‘Only Water’ sounds remarkably uplifting. The song showcases TEEN's dynamic interplay and colorful instrumental flourishes — a fluttering cascade of synth arpeggios, pulse-raising beats, and chopped-up, swooning harmonies.”
- NPR Music







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